Easy Risk-Free Betting Online

The introduction of the free bet was likely a marketing ploy designed to bring new players into betting agencies despite the constant growth of the industry. When more companies are emerging every day, existing agencies must find a way to remain competitive.

The First Free Bets

The first free bets online offered by online bookmakers were exactly that: the opportunity to place a bet of a specific value on the chosen sporting event or race. There were no tools available to make betting easier, nor were there any indications that others were interested in the event. Players were required to place their bets blindly and hope for the best.

Free Bets Today

These days, free bets come in many different styles. Players are able to select the types of free bets that coincide with the types of gambling they enjoy. Many online sport betting agencies also provide tools to gamblers in order to assist with the decision-making process, including links to team and player stats as well as the odds of winning any particular bet. This way, players are no longer betting blindly and they can use their bonuses with some amount of hope that they will pay off.

Using Free Bets in Matched Betting

Players who truly want to get the most from their free bets should consider a tactic known as 'matched betting'. This involves using the free bet to place a wager on one outcome and using the gambler's money to back that wager on the opposite outcome. This way, regardless of the way the event plays out, the player will earn at least some money for a minimum investment.

Free bets are certainly a great way for online betting agencies to attract new players in an era filled with competition. However, players should learn how to use these free bets wisely in order to get the most out of them. Otherwise, they are simply throwing money down the drain.